DON'T be the silent sufferer. Nourish your marriage or relationship God's way - we will help you do that.

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Welcome to Benez And Hebron Website. We are a Biblical Counseling and Life Coaching company with emphasis on the family: Marriage and Relationships.

Your marriage or relationship ought NOT to be another static of a dysfunctional love life.

You're welcome to conviniently and confidentialy share with us your challenges.

You can choose to have your coaching session(s) online via chat, email or offline face-to-face.
Online coaching is available from wherever you're located in the world. Offline coaching is only available in Nairobi, on request.

Start your journey to living victoriously by booking your session below.

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Are You Wife Material?

The Book
This book answering the question, Are You Wife Material? prepares every woman to be the Proverbs 31 wife to a husband who has submitted to Jesus Christ.

The book covers Spirituality, Power & Responsibility, The Feminist vs. the Proverbs 31 Woman, Formation of a Godly Marriage, Money & Possessions, Media Influence on the family, Divorce, Breaking Sex Soul Ties, The Place of Ex-lovers in Marriage, Past Hurts & Abuse, Abortion, Barreness and other deeply analysed marital issues.

This in-depth approach with sound Biblical references brings out God’s design for marriage. The author has very clearly affirmed that Godly marriages can work in this century. The love-letter style of writing makes the book very enjoyable to read.


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